my first friday in busan appears to have been a harbinger of good times.

first, to the pet cafe, where i met my dog soulmate.

too bad he’s too big for my wee apartment.

then, just outside taejongdae state park.

we ate fresh seafood at these lovely tents on a beach made from big, rounded stones.

it was an up-all-night affair, including a hike, a twisted ankle, sweet rice wine that was not makgeolli but was like makgeolli, which is to say, i don’t remember its name. in the morning, new friends walked me to the metro for the 5:30 train.

i still wasn’t sleepy, so i explored jwa-dong market at the vendors got ready for the day.

i did a lot of watching, especially the bakers churning out their little cakes. turns out, if you stare at people long enough, they’ll just give you food! like this cake…

…or some of the bland bean stuff this lovely woman was preparing.

it wasn’t so tasty, but i didn’t want to let the generous people who gave it to me see me toss it, so i put it in my pocket, where is sort of melted.

7 thoughts on “adventureganza

  1. I freakin love your pictures. These are gallery worthy, chick. So happy to see/hear about your adventures. Keep this thing going.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I envy your ability to make the mundane an adventure. I’m pondering the awesomeness you’re making as you experience this real adventure. Love the photos. I said to Laura just yesterday how good a photographer I thought your were. Keep having fun. And the guy above is right. Your photos are gallery worthy. Love ya, Denise

  3. I’m with Meggy on this one – your photos are great. Keep them, and the accompanying text/stories coming, please.

  4. haha, that last rice cake photo with the beans on it is SO KOREAN. they always serve that stuff at korean churches.

  5. Hey, I practically live off of that bland bean stuff. Seriously (actually, it’s probably not quite as bland– I think they secretly mix peanut butter in it or something to give it some flavor).

    There’s a French via Vietnamese bakery down the street from my apartment called La Patisserie P. They sell pastries CRAZY CHEAP, so I eat there pretty much every day, and they have these red bean buns and purple yam cakes and melon cakes. I’m also all about the coconut roll and this weird thing called red bean buchi.

    Anyway, I’m so proud of you for doing this. You’ve got some hot pics here, also. HOT PICS. Miss you.

  6. I have nothing to add to the wonderful comments above, except that: your photos are indeed wonderful; and I, too, am proud of you for this adventure you’ve undertaken.

    Be safe and have fun!

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