sunday began what looks like a five day streak of rain rain rain. and i don’t even own an umbrella yet! but do i let that stop me from exploring? well, sometimes. but not sunday!

sunday, i was introduced to the wonderful people at agit, where art and music and barbeques and good conversations and impromptu swimming and all manner of good things happen. we huddled under a tent as the yard turned into a bog. we tried our hand at graffiti.

we listened to jose play middle eastern drum and flamenco guitar.

then, i explored on the roof with a new friend who has quite a nice eye for composition. we’re planning to go to japan for vacation at the end of the month and do some hitch-hiking and a temple-stay, where we kick it with monks and meditate and who knows what else. here are some pictures he took:

and finally, joy of joys, i found wonderful fresh cranberry beans from a street vendor for $2! if you’ve never tried fresh cranberry beans, you have no idea what you’re missing. cook ’em for an hour in water and salt. dress ’em with lemon juice and maybe a smidge of butter. or try sage and duck fat. or turkish style with onions, potato, carrot and tomatoes. they are the best beans in the world, and they’re really tough to find fresh in the u.s. i’ve only ever had them at the farm-to-table restaurant where i used to work, farm 255, and miller union, one of the fanciest places in atlanta, where one of the head cooks from farm 255 had recently gotten a job. if you ever see these wonderful things in the store, snap them up. finding them made my weekend. discovering that they are as common as can be at jwa-dong market, across the street, was an even better revelation.

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