mud fest was a blast. an exhausting blast. i’m bruised and cut up, scraped from getting knocked around in the yellow sea, sore from sleeping on a hardwood floor but my skin has never felt so soft, thanks to the magical properties of the mud. i ate more ramyun (ramen, to you) in the last 24 hours than i think i had in the last full year.

though it was a hoot, we were plagued by disaster. jeff’s phone got wet and died. new friend hwan dislocated his shoulder on the giant inflatable mud slide. i heard about some guy whose ankle got… well, it’s pretty awful and you probably don’t want to know. just know that i am totally fine and happy to be home. enjoy these photos.

it was a very shoeless weekend, starting friday night at the wonderful shabu shabu place my school took us for a staff party.

and then there was mud. don’t expect any photos of me or my pals. my camera was hiding somewhere safe and dry during all my personal festivities. though jeff does have one image of me post-wrestling pit with three pakistani engineering students. that’ll come later…

i haven’t seen so many photographers in one place for a long, long time. and they all swarmed the same people. everyone seemed to remember his step stool but me.

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