shawn: “teacher, why nose so big?”

i had to stop myself from saying, “’cause i’m jewish, kiddo!” or better yet, the punchline to the worst joke about jews i have ever heard: “’cause air is FREE!” talk about a can of worms…

then there’s justin, the only black teacher at my school. he’s greeted by refrains of “teacher, why are you brown?” how endearingly unselfaware five-year-olds are…

One thought on “today’s lesson: diversity

  1. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a big nose…but you don’t have one. That kid needs to learn what “big” means. Show him a picture of Jimmy Durante. Barbra Streisand. Cher, pre-plastic surgery.

    ❤ you so much and I hope you are settling in and feeling more at home. I imagine that there might be some "what have I done?" moments in new places for even the most intrepid of adventurers.

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