today? today was the best day. why? because i found my favorite thing in the world, the thing i was worried i wouldn’t be able to live a year without. today i found… brunch.

or, more accurately, i was shown The Brunch by one of my favorite people on the planet, matt rowe. it is great. go there and get scrambled eggs and bacon and ice cream waffles. just don’t expect the baked beans to be hot.

the we wandered in the market and saw some food.

and a cupcake place, where i took an inordinate amount of pictures.

and of course, matt had to find something to climb.

we walked walked walked. we found a bridge where some really nice gentlemen were drunk on soju.

of course, matt rowe charmed them with infinite korean knowledge and smiles. they said he was “number one.”

then we saw these cool old guys playing something like chess.

walk walk walk.

to alex brown’s, where there was a beautiful view to enjoy as the sun went down.

One thought on “pnu wanderings

  1. I’m pretty sure I have a picture of Matt taken at the Brunch… and he was probably wearing that same damn jersey. The world is in a loop.

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