so, i was going to go to this beach temple today. but after a late start, the sun was setting much earlier than i was comfortable with, and i found myself aimless at busan station.

there was some nice art that doubled as a fountain.

an unexpected bible-thumper who had a great handle on the pronunciation of “hellelujah.”

and a china town! though most of the chinese stuff i saw consisted of restaurants and zodiac sign tiles…

there were, however, quite a few people who were Definitely Russians…

and yes that sign does say “mutton beer hope.”

there were also a lot of phillipino ladies in very short skirts. and some bar with “texas” in the name. i used my detective skills to deduce that i was on texas street, aka the “sketchiest part of town,” a place infamous for… well, russians and hookers.

after the second time i was mistaken for a russian prostitute, i decided it was time to go home. the conversations went a little like this:
some guy: “hi.”
me: (stop walking, turn around): “hi.”
some guy: “where are you going?”
me: “uhhh… i’m just kind of walking around…”
some guy: “where’re you from?”
me: (not understanding accent) “huh?”
some guy: “are you… russian?” (lewd sneer)
me: “nope! american! okay, byeeeee!”

shoulda gone to the beach temple…

5 thoughts on “texas street (i think)

  1. Yikes, the ad at the bottom of this blog post when I viewed it says “Russian Girl Marriage – 22 Beautiful Girls from Russia Seeking for Love $ Marriage.”

    Rach, as usual, your photos are stunning. Thank you for keeping us all posted on your journey!

  2. you should get a cheese burger in front the New Hawaii grill. They have kick ass Filipine cuisine, stuff not even on the menu.

    Before O’briens, they had the best burger not counting the seaman’s, which has the best cheeseburger in Pusan, bar none.

    That’s only my opinion. But I’ve got a belly to back it up.

    Culturebook MMX coming this September

  3. Dear Rachel,
    I saw your mother and sister last Friday night at Prime, a newish restaurant in town. I loved hearing all about you and what you’re doing. You were always one of my very favorite students…you make me very proud!! Please e-mail me and tell me all about your teaching. I attended your graduation ceremonies at UGA; we were there to see my niece graduate Summa Cum Laude. She will be teaching English as a second language in France beginning in September.

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