rounded up the little buggers and field tripped it to the fire station today. not sure why, exactly. it seemed like most of what we did consisted of snacking and wandering through a garden.

today was also an opportunity to see just how materialistic my precious babies are. like, why does my sally have on a pierre cardin hat? more importantly, why doesn’t she have on a hat like belle, in the background? my girls spent a decent chunk of the bus ride discussing what kinds of phones their dads have. i just wanted to talk about princesses! no such luck.

is this the face of materialism?

actually, it’s the face of future frat boy rex.

but even he has a charming habit of holding hands with his friends .

after a sweaty stroll through the garden and a very communal snack experience…

we finally got to the good stuff: spraying water at a wall from a hose disguised as a fire extinguisher.

on the ride home, gia, my grumpy mute, fell asleep with her head on my arm. i shimmied down in my seat so she could slump her noggin onto my shoulder. her little head was just rolling around, her mouth hanging open and ringed with chocolate crumbs. it was adorable! i think for the first time in my life, i found something that could be cool about having kids, post-infant snuggles — laughing at their expense while they sleep.

5 thoughts on “in which the herd wanders to the fire station

  1. who’s the littlest one in the final pic? what a grin! what an imp! love all your shots – what a good eye you have. mwah!

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