the weather is nice, and that means it’s time to go to the park lots and lots. that’s exactly what we did a little over a week ago, to see some friends play at Sound Picnic. apparently, it degenerated into a supersoaker dance party, but i think by the time that happened, i was home in bed…

we freaked the koreans out. one man was spotted watching us with binoculars from a safe remove. this woman was groping for shellfish nearby.

while this guy was more serious about flying a kite than i would have imagined anyone ever being.

also, lots of fishing.

the whole crew was there.

though apparently, i only photographed a few of them.

britt graciously painted faces

and got immersed in the water fight.

but the best part was clearly this guy’s eyebrows.

the music was okay, too — particularly getting to see lhasa for the first time. if you’re reading this from busan, you really should go see them play. like maybe saturday night at vinyl underground!

on the train home, double sleepies made everyone giggle.

3 thoughts on “sound picnic

  1. Oh… this reminds me (again)… I wanna visit South Korea. Love the kite-flyer and the smiling man with eyebrows. They look like lovely people. Love the water helmet in the squirt gun shoot-out! But really… I want to go to the vinyl underground!!!!

  2. Enjoying your pics and pithy comments, as always. It’s time for you to reply to my emails now, so as to keep me from fretting….

    Love you

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