’tis the season for saying goodbye, it seems, as so many of the folks i’ve found myself quite fond of here have gone or are going. last weekend was time to say goodbye to the lovely and talented rachel h, or, as the fliers described her, first lady of the hotdog catalogue. the intimate show at oki’s bookstore was an adventure in varied composition.

it was a full house.

all the cool bros were there.

and robin was banished to the kids’ table.

a beautiful couple made beautiful music.

and there was a banjo! it made me miss back yards and slip ‘n’ slidin and barbeques and farms and bonfires and pickup trucks and real good southern accents.

eric wowed everyone with his fantastic singing.

goodbye hotdog. i’ll miss you and all the other fine people i wish i’d had a chance to get to know better. happy wandering.

5 thoughts on “goodbye hotdog

  1. Hey, that guy in the fifth photo totally stole Evan’s mighty red beard. I’m just sayin’ is all.

    As always, your photos are terrific!

  2. Yeah, your kids are right – he does have one of those faces that looks the same upside down as rightside up.

    But I still think he’d be even more impressive if he wasn’t wearing a pink shirt and girlie shoes.

    (Like I know anything about fashion.)

    • thought you would appreciate this, from jack’s most recent book report:

      “Hansel was a smart boy.
      Gretel was a brave girl.
      The witch was a CANNIBAL DEVIL.”

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