chuseok finally came, which meant i had to go

to jeju-do.

along with a visitor from the West.

we climbed things and explored.

jeju’s made from a bunch of dead volcanos. we tried to climb the big ‘un one day, but we got to the mountain too late.

day two, we looked for a scooter, but what we found was some waterfalls. on the way, ben found the calisthenic machines that keep the ajimas limber.

how could you not want to swim in this? we didn’t do it… but we wanted to.

just in case you forgot you were on vacation, there were coconuts with straws in them to remind you.

we finally cabbed it to the scooter shop, where a lovely dog gave me kisses while ben picked up our pink lady.

4 thoughts on “jeju, days one and two

  1. I like the shot of the falls too. Thinkin ’bout makin it my background. Gonna wait and check out the next entry first though – might be an even better shot there!
    Love you!

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