when they said to get to mount halla early, we didn’t think they meant 9 am. so we missed a 7 hour round-trip hike up a dead volcano. but we had a nice little stroll through the woods, where people like to pile rocks.

it was a lazy day for photos.

the next day, an hour ride in the sun to udo, where there were endless lighthouses.

and kids riding horses.

and seaweed!

and sun.

and convex mirrors.

and also some other stuff.

good times. glad to be home.

One thought on “jeju, days three and four

  1. These remind me of our visit to the Burren in Ireland. Do you remember all the cairns we saw there, and the ones we constructed? And how you girls rode horses along the lane near the B&B where we stayed?
    Looks like you’re having big fun. Glad to see it. Might have to go with the rocks and seaweed pic for the desktop background, or the shot of rocks and shoreline from days one and two. So many choices…. 🙂

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