fires. there have been three in the general vicinity of my house in a week. today, there was one just a few blocks away from my apt. haeundae arsonist? it all started with this one last sunday at songjeon beach.

swastikas. not just for nazis anymore, they’re used to mark buddhist temples on maps a and signs.

i don’t know if it’s because of my recent addiction to ddeokbokki (rice cake in kethcup/red pepper sauce with hard boiled eggs and fish cake), but i have been spending a lot of time lingering around street food lately.

good food and friends. the other night, we made pizza with homemade sauce and dough. yum!

art stuff. i’ve been doing crafty things a lot in the last few weeks. started sketching. made some flags to hang over my bed.

and that’s about it. gotta quit being a homebody or there won’t be any more interesting photos…

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