went to beomil-dong last weekend to find some buttons for ladies’ craft night. it’s a far cry from jangsan ā€” no coffee shops on every corner, no young girls inadvertently looking like complete prostitutes, hardly any frighteningly skinny people! strolled around the street market for a while.

this sweet lady was making kimchi.

not sure if you heard the news, but there’s a Kimchi Krisis over here. something about an indian summer ruining the cabbage crop. so now there’s a shortage of the leafy goodness needed to make one of the two things koreans eat at every meal (along with rice). oh no!

after this lady let me take her picture, she told me i had to buy something. at least, i think that’s what she said. unfortunately for her, i’d just bought a big bag of onions the day before.

matthew’s thinking of buying an electric guitar.

fresh crabs from a truck on the side of the road.

hot, steamy mandu.

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