moto’d up to beomeosa, checked out some buddhas, saw some of the fall colors.

holy moly, it was pretty. you could make a donation and write a prayer on a shingle for the roof of the temple.

yonggungsa beach temple was rad, but this place had the serious buddhists. saw folks doing their 108 bows and heard some truly breathtaking chanting led by this monk.

the main building in the temple is something like 300 years old. it’s wooden and rickety and covered with intricate, hand-painted designs.

matt and i snuck around the monks’ quarters.

all the monks had sneakers! it didn’t seem very monkish.

3 thoughts on “beomeosa

    • i bet if you spent six months trying to hear the sound of one hand clapping, only to wake up one day to realize that there is no sound of one hand clapping, thus leading you to enlightenment, you might think koans were cool, too.

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