dear athens,
i tried to write a poem about you at the request of a friend. all it did was make me realize that i’m not a good enough writer to ever eloquently say what makes you so wonderful. i feel like one of the guidestones is sitting on my chest i miss you so bad, so i thought about all the exquisite fall days i got to have there and felt nostalgic…

like for that day we killed a whole bunch of chickens.

i miss my old friends and the things we used to do together and how it almost never required going to bars.

thank goodness some of those old friends happen to be here, too.

seems like back then, someone always had a stringed instrument on hand.

it feels like it all ended so shortly after i realized what a spectacular time i ws having, and if i ever get to come back and do it again, i will feel like this:

meanwhile, keep the coffee delicious for me

and keep the hunger alive.

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