went to andong saturday to see the fall colors.

checked out the folk village,

home of the mask museum.

no cabbage shortage here…

there were lots of these totems

many of which had giant penises protruding from various parts of their bodies.

took a lovely walk in a pine forest.

saw this fella threshing barnyard grass for the thatched roof cottageeeeeeeees

took a lot of pictures of trees silhouetted against the sunset

i think the persimmons are my favorite. no leaves and a bunch of plump fruits — they look like something from a tim burton film.

we missed the ferry to the cliffs.

so we played on the seesaws alongside the world’s tallest swings,

made for the moonlight bridge,

and tried the local specialty, jimdak, before going home.

2 thoughts on “andong

  1. Oh Rachel,

    You transport me you do! I want a totem (but not one with priapism). Glad you missed the ferry. Next time I throw a coin in a fountain, I’m wishing for walk across a moonlight bridge. XOXO

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