oh my god, thanksgiving!

we rented a minbak, decked it out, ordered a pre-cooked turkey from someplace called the seaman’s club, potlucked like i’ve never potlucked before and generally had the best day ever. did i mention that the minbak we rented was a block from the beach? and that, after dinner and some light napping, we trekked along the coast, past some mystery hermit’s house and onto the cliffs for a badass campfire and some 90’s alternative singalongs? bet you’ve never had a thanksgiving like ours.

rita made awesome stuffed mushrooms.

our decorations kicked ass.

eric made these wonderfully scary lion masks at our thanksgiving decoration-making party. matt napped in one.

i don’t know exactly why this happened.

i didn’t take very many pictures because i was busy stuffing my face, napping and feeling totally sniffly.

everything was great and i want to high five everyone forever.

matt stepped in skank water and had to dry his socks.

“it’s just like the great depression!”

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