i didn’t take many pictures in seoul a few weeks ago. we spent most of the time there in a club i was expecting to be totally dark, and having no flash, i left my canon at the hotel. but here’s a few. there’s more to be seen on an as-yet undeveloped disposable camera, but those will have to wait.


the boys are baffled by the subway map of seoul.

but who could blame them? this one has 13 lines and iphone-like interactive touch screen capabilities.

major accomplishment: finding “big size” shoes for matt’s enormous feet.

major fail: none of them were cool enough for matt.

i nabbed da-in’s camera for a few shots during the wonderful show in hongdae. here she is, doing her art thang on an old school projector, which was aimed at a sheet hanging from the ceiling of the place.

rhylon playing, da-in’s art hanging.

finally, we visitied my favorite tea shop from the first trip to seoul. i still didn’t manage to take the right pictures of it, so once again, conjure an amazing tea house, but this time, imagine this being in it:

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