jenn and i hosted new years out in old jangsan this weekend. we packed many friends into our little apartments, fed them tasty things and made crafts. i snapped a few pictures before the red wine knocked me out.

here’s britt getting her make-up done by jenn.

and decorating cupcakes.

hannah, he totally loves the tie.

it was too tough to choose between this photo of rhylon and da-in

…and this one —

really, they’re just too photogenic.

the next morning was brunch in my blanket fort house. jost had a hangover until matt fixed him a “sleepy mary” — a bloody mary with nyquil. miracle cure!

tim snagged the camera for some close-ups.

it was quite the musical weekend.

since only tim made it to take part in the korean tradition of watching the sun rise on new year’s day, we went to watch it set.

and then to the pet cafe!

where jost made a new friend

with whom things got serious quickly.

the boys tamed the evil husky.

and matt helped the cat style her whiskers.

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