after all the laying around and eating involved with new years, it was time to hop on the cycles on sunday for a chilly adventure up the mountain in search of a goat farm. but not before we all met on matt’s roof.

i took some pictures on the holga, which i have lost somewhere in my house. how it is possible to lose something in a house this tiny is beyond me, but that’s the truth.

matt practiced some yoga because i finally found something i can do that he can’t (a headstand), so now he feels like he needs to improve.

nothing says biker chick like a juice box.

we didn’t find the goat farm. but jeff found a desk!

we did eat some black goat, despite not having seen them alive. we pulled into the little village where the goat restaurants were all clustered and promptly got chased down by a handful of ladies who wanted us to come eat in their restaurants. after some squabbling, we wound up puttering down an alley on the cycles, following two grinning, waving korean ladies. it was like they were kids taking us to their fabulous secret playhouse or something. the goat was tasty, but the pumpkin pajeon was the tastiest.

i’m getting a little weary of friend photos and feeling rather uninspired by the korean environment. stateside people — what do you want to see/know about korea?

3 thoughts on “polar bear moto

  1. How about a story on how younger and older resident get their news? Is Ohmynews still a big deal?

    Or a story on courting? Students who come to the big city to study but miss the food/warmth/comfort of home? The moped culture? A repair shop that specializes in something weird? “Folk” traditions, like music or … something else?

  2. You should do a photo series with the Korean biker dudes that ride around on their tricked out Harleys with flashing lights. They all hang out at that one restaurant in KSU. We could accompany them on a ride… surely there’s a story on Korean biker culture.

  3. Also, I really feel like I’m really close to achieving that Mad Max bandit look I’ve been trying to cultivate. The jacket-helmet-goggles-face mask combo is doing the trick.

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