yesterday, we had a bake sale/rummage sale/sports day/pillow fight to raise money for the association for teachers of english in korea’s volunteer teachers. we raised almost 300,000 won ($275) for the teachers to buy materials for the orphans they tutor once a week. a few of my favorite students came down, and i got to play with them in a beautiful park all day. i tried to teach angel how to play badminton.

she wasn’t all that good at it, but she did see to overcome her fear of dogs. so much so, that we borrowed someone’s pooch for a walk. having no pets of her own, she was fascinated by the dog’s ability to poop. “can i show jenny when she gets here?” she asked.
“what, like show her the poop?”
“well, sure, angel, if you think she’d like to see it…”
i did not photograph the remarkable poo.
actually, i didn’t photograph much. the photos from the day were mostly taken by matthew teacher.

but i did finally get to shoot the bitchin wizards of busan on their motos.

bitchin’ matthew.

bitchin’ eric.

bitchin’ jeff.

and bitchin’ rhylon, attended, as always, by his guard shark water gun.

album drops 12-21-2012.

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