day two in boseong, we found what we were looking for at boseong’s green tea theme park, where they are so dedicated to their namesake that they don’t even sell plain water — it’s all infused with green tea. we climbed the mountain and tried to find interesting ways to capture the scene.

the trail leading up to the park.

we thought these steps to the bamboo forest were killer until we saw the trail up the green tea mountain.

i didn’t know bamboo got this big.

on our way up the mountain.

why can’t all agricultural endeavors also double as enormous public art works a la the spiral jetty?

after a while, it got to feeling like the whole thing could just swallow you up if you didn’t watch your step.

seriously, jeju-do as a contender for the modern 7 wonders of the world when you’ve got this?

2 thoughts on “boseong day two

  1. wow !!!! you were in boseong !!! ???
    i’m korean but i think you are more knower(?) about korea’s places 1!!

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