on the way back to busan from geoje, we had to stop at the abandoned amusement park.

replete with graffiti, garbage and vines, it was a creepy place.

and of course, matt had to find ways to put his life in jeopardy.

and we played with the big toys.

i think the hobos live here. every room was filled with trash and ashes.

there are a few things i think are quintessential asian experiences. for example, dodging traffic on the back of a motorcycle. one more i can check off the list after today: sitting in the aisle of an over-crowded bus.

glad to be home.

5 thoughts on “abandoned amusement park

  1. In my book, Asian graffiti is up there with hearing “ass” pronounced with European flair. Class act:)

  2. Wow, these pictures are amazing. I love to see things like this in stages of decay. There’s just something so surreal about it, I understand why you say that it’s a little creepy! Awesome picture set, yet again!

  3. Loquatia! Your adventures seem so cool and I love everything about them! So happy for you! Annnddd can’t wait to see you in the motherland soon!!!

    I’m commenting here because in the movie Hanna the final battle scene between young CIA trained Hanna and Cate Blanchett takes place at an abandoned amusement park and these pictures look really similar. I know it’s a long shot but did they mention anything about it’s use in films?

    • A little Google search reveals that the abandoned amusement park in Hanna isn’t this one in Korea, but one in — get this — GERMANY! Looks like it’s called Spree Park. Maybe we can go exploring there when I come to visit.

  4. Ahhh! I should have assumed after knowing the movie had scenes in Germany and the whole speaking German thing. It just looked so similar. The film is actually really great. The plot seems to be slightly inconsistent but the film as a whole is like a bad ass artistic rock video starring Cate Blanchett and a bad ass young blonde girl.

    I feel so livejournal all over again. I love it! I also love how after all these years we are still able to maintain friendship and stay in contact. Love you Loquatia!

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