my little hellions in jewel class tried to charm me before our field trip down the road to jangsan mountain by giving me flowers for teachers’ day.

then, it was off to the mountain, where we did a brief art project,

and i learned that my 5-year-old students all draw better than i do. especially tony, who is probably destined for artistic greatness.

for a while there, tony quit coming to school because he was afraid of my not-korean face. when he came back, all his classmates told me, “teacher, i am happy today because tony isn’t scared of you anymore!”


then the kiddies got a rare opportunity to play.

next, it was game time. there was the relay race run while hugging a ball between two kids,

try to catch a candy using only your mouth,

and tug of war!

jewel class won, and i have to sheepishly admit to being overly pumped about this.

i have so, so many more pictures of the kiddies from that day, but i’ll spare you. i doubt i would be that pumped about looking at strangers’ kids if i didn’t teach them…

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