i have escaped korea at last. in the end, it all went off without much of a hitch. from the moment i arrived at the seoul airport, i could feel the good travel vibes kick in. helped a tunisian man from my flight whose checked baggage had gone missing, listening to him explain his problem in french, asking him questions in italian, translating to the korean airport gal in english. he bought me a beer (it was 9:30 am), and we got him his bag back with minimal drama. waiting on my flight to madrid in moscow, chatted with a high-powered russian lawyer woman and a guinean basketball player with a scarred up face. now sitting in the flat my friend dave will soon be inhabiting, chatting around with his spanish roommates. and all this possible simply because i happen to have been born in an english-speaking country, and seemingly everyone in the world has gone to the trouble of learning english. it really does open just an incredible amount of doors, doesn’t it?

dave and i are off the traipse through madrid for the day before catching a night bus to san sebastian. lots of pictures should be coming soon.

i feel so much sadness and heaviness has lifted from me as i’ve moved on to this next stage. now two months ahead of me in europe with one good friend after another. it’s almost too good to believe.

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