sweet mother jesus god mary and zarathustra! i don’t think i could love san sebastian any more if i tried. dave and i did nothing today but wind our long way around the cove here up to some weirdo sculptures (the “wind comb”) that i don’t know the story behind, spend two hours eating an amazing lunch of grilled veggies, fresh fish, salad, cheesecake, cream caramel, vino tinto de verrano (red wine spritzer), espresso and pacharan (a digestivo made from berries soaked in anise). then, lounged on the beach, where the sun was still high overhead when i came back to the pension at 7:30. on the beach, naked kids everywhere, young women and septuagenarians alike sunbathing topless, italian twenty-somethings playing cards, and unbelievably beautiful spanish women all over the place. heard a girl teaching someone to count in korean, said “anyong,” and headed back here for a tardy siesta before dave and i go watch the sun set. off to hamburg tomorrow. 20 hours on the train. good thing i’ve got the 1,088 page infinite jest to keep me company along the way. here’s today:

the view from our pension window.

this is in the plaza around the corner from where we’re staying. i was hoping to go inside and see some odd fish, but alas, it’s been converted into shops and cafes.

dave before his morning cafe con leche.

¡cuántos animales! he cried as he pulled a teensy crab from the little pools around the rocks.

dave atop the wind comb. there are three of these guys popping out from the rocks at odd angles.

apparently, the artist, eduardo chillida, did these in’76. i wonder what color they were before they rusted.

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