“wake up. i have a surprise for you.” is there a better way to start the day?

we donned meggy’s heavy wool ponchos because it was, like, 55 degrees, and took her big white german shepherd out into the streets. turns out the surprise was hamburg’s fish market! my favorite thing to see in all the cities i go to:

this fella was selling fish. he’d toss a couple of each kind onto a piece of wax paper, shouting out what each one was, slapping the fish and paper for emphasis, and then holler out a price. someone would step forward from the crowd and go, “yeah, i want that one!” and off they’d go. the vendor was insulting some woman, calling her stupid, and she was positively cracking up. such a character!

i guess it wouldn’t be germany without gummies galore.

banana and nutella waffles and an applesauce-stuffed donut for breakfast? yes, please.

THEN. we walk into this lovely building full of long tables where people are drinking beer at 9:30 in the morning, eating brunch of eggs and potatoes with their families while some cross-dresser sings queen on a stage at the end of the room.

they do this every sunday morning!

i love germans and their freaky ways. st. pauli, where meggy lives, is especially interesting. and it’s gay pride week or something, as this sweaty man tried to explain in his thick accent while dripping all over me.

spain was great, and germany is great and everything is great.

2 thoughts on “sunday morning in hamburg

  1. Hello Rachel teacher, this is Unique class! We miss you A LOT! However, you sound very happy, so we are happy too. The new teacher is almost as great as you. Where are you now? Stay happy! love always
    Jenny, Sally, Angel, Annie, Bella (Richard and Ricky absent) anddddddddddd Rita Teacher 🙂

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