positively worthless yesterday. all we did was eat and sleep. it was the best thing ever. didn’t even leave the house until 8 pm or so. wandered the fairgrounds of the dom, strapped into a carnival ride that did unspeakable things, saw a lot of food.

everything’s bigger in texas germany.

on the way home, we went into some enormous porn/erotica store and saw some things that really are unspeakable. plus a lot of really fancy looking latex outfits, some blown glass sex toys and batman-inspired masks that i really hope no partner of mine ever fishes out of a box in his closet and presents to me with a hopeful look in his eye. also, articles of clothing (granny panties) made from leather that really should not be made from leather — ever. hilarious! uncomfortable! expensive, too.

tonight, mexican feast! meggy and steiner love to cook, and we’ve been (meaning steiner has been, mostly) whipping up fabulous things in the kitchen. speaking of which, he’s calling me in for strawberry pancakes right now…

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