yesterday took us on yet another rainy wander through the city, this time with meggy’s husband, steiner, in tow. really, hamburg is a fabulous city, but it has been cold and rainy here every day since i arrived and looks like it will stay that way long after i leave. meggy and i didn’t even leave the house today until after 7 pm. we just stayed inside all day, cooking and drinking cachaca and watching sad javier bardem movies. pro-tip for vacation: go to another country, hole up in a comfy place with one of your best friends, and only leave the house to try the local food or tromp through a park every now and then. sightseeing? pish posh! adventurous activities such as paragliding? bollocks! i have found the holy grail of vacation: truly doing nothing, being totally detached from time, having meandering conversations on someone’s kitchen floor, cooking yummy foods.

anyway, so yesterday we went to one of hamburg’s myriad enormous parks, planten un blomen. beautiful! green as far as the eye can see, rose gardens, lush lush everywhere. meggy was on photo duty for the day, and i’ve taken the liberty of editing and posting some of her shots. it was so interesting to see what she shot versus what i would have tried to capture. i haven’t done that since j-school — gone into a situation with other people and gotten to see how each individual captured the same event. i didn’t think about it much when i was studying, but looking at meggy’s photos of the day made me think about how much insight you can have into another person’s worldview just from looking at their personal perspective of your shared reality through photos. maybe that’s why i feel so tied to and aware of the folks from my photojournalism cohort, even the ones i’m not in any kind of regular contact with. just seeing each other’s pictures and talking about them twice a week for a few semesters was a really intimate experience in its own way. anyhow, here’s what we saw before the rain and the cold drove us to a friend’s house for cooking mexican food and attempting to salsa dance.

meggy’s neighbor had left a bag of dirty diapers in the hallway. stinky!

the horse dog got plenty of exercise paddling around the lake, biting at the water he was kicking up.

okay, like here’s what i’m talking about. meggy and i both liked the reflection this tree was making on the water. above is the picture she took of it. below is the one i made.

both meggy and her husband mentioned to me over the past few days how she sees the world in detail, and i think that really comes through in the images she made.

the planten’s greenhouses were especially wonderful, the cactus room in particular.

such stylish people!

also, meggy is the real dog whisperer. cesar milan, eat your heart out!

i know the face says it all, but — i’m having a really good time here.

6 thoughts on “planten un blomen

  1. i love this last photo of you! really enjoying your blog. btw, never a bad time or place for javier bardeem movies, sad or not…

  2. Many many thanks to Meggy and Steiner for taking such good care of my girl – and for the last photo posted in today’s blog entry. I LOVE this shot, and will have to print and frame it, I think.

    • i think i was just saying to meggy tonight that one of the first things i could imagine you saying to her was “thanks for taking such good care of my girl.” and here it is, virtually verbatim.

      we know each other so well, it’s spooky.

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