last week, my host family in lainate took me to a festival in celebration of alborella, a small white fish that’s popular in northern italy, usually served whole and fried and eaten just the same way. it was a lovely night; i got to meet many of their friends and family, share a big meal with them, see a lot of old italian men do the electric slide with deadly seriousness. i’m in illegio now, near gemona del frilui, nestled in the alps about 36 miles from austria. pictures of the new area forthcoming.

yum! alborelle!

host bro federico and his dad, massimo. fede loves leopards and eating cheese. he beat me at soccer.

any seven-year-old who is down to eat fish with their bones inside and their heads still on is cool in my book.

by way of explanation as to how i put on a few pounds…

oh boy, do grown italian men love to tie a sweater around their shoulders.

tiziana, chillest host mom sister ever. smokin’ a fish like a gangsta.

and, surprise! nothern italians tend to be real into country music and line dancing. but this lady was doing her own thing while everyone else was pussyfooting around the cha-cha slide or whatever it was. can you see the fire in her eyes? i lightened her face too much, but the internet is slow enough here that i’m willing to post the photo as is rather than wait 10 minutes to upload a re-edited version, so deal with that.

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