don’t know why, but i haven’t felt much like photoing this week in amsterdam. instead, i will share a few scenes from the last few days.

arrival. i get off the train and immediately search for a coffee shop with a croatian guy i met on the train. he buys me a coffee, and i watch him smoke a fat joint of high-grade pot by himself while a drag queen and a tiny spanish woman chatter at the next table. croatian guy walks me to my hotel, and by the time we arrive, he has lost most of his capacity for verbal communication.

last night. i eat a small dose of legal hallucinogenic drugs and wander the rainy streets of the city for an hour by myself. pop into a shop to buy a pen so i can write in my journal, and a syrian guy spends an hour telling me his life story/views on middle eastern politics while i hold his six-week-old kitten. i try not to giggle and ponder what it means that i found a kitten while tripping, as surely this must be a very good omen.

guy walking my me on the street: “wait bro, was it liqiud acid or paper acid?”

yesterday, distracted by some beautiful architectural flair on a building or something, i wander into the bike lane on the sidewalk and immediately am almost creamed by, like, five bikes because everyone here rides a bike.

amsterdam lives up to every stereotype about itself that i can imagine. but where are the ladies at? if national geographic made a documentary about bros, i could see david attenborough shuffling around the streets: “observe how amsterdam’s native stoner bro deftly maneuvers his way to the front of the line and voraciously devours his prey, a full pound of fried potatoes with mayonnaise. many are fooled by his hooded eyes and shuffling gait, but make no mistake — the stoner bro is a rapacious omnivore with the steely resolve of a starving animal when struck by… the munchies.”

off to see some museums tomorrow. for now, hibernating at my couchsurfing hosts’ house. it’s a couple. she’s a photographer, he’s a bartender. he’s learning “country roads” by john denver in the other room, which i like to think, subconsciously, has something to do with my being in the house. they’re mega-kind, and couchsurfing europe is off to a good start.

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