yay for amsterdam!

yay for giant flower bulbs!

yay for one thousand million bikes!

yay for confused-lookin bros!

also, yay for leaving amsterdam, because 3 days of wandering around that city alone is plenty of time. now, munich! with my childhood friend, mr. michael moore.

but first, new friends in the train station. i arrive in munchen this morning at 5:30 and had to wait for a few hours for my host’s wonderful boyfriend to come and scoop me up. in the meantime, three drunk germans and i shared a laugh. this one is andre. we are going to get married, and he is going to teach me to make schnitzel. we had a photo shoot. our prompt: “george bush.”

today, michael and i went around the city. oktoberfest started today, so we had a beer at the same table as this guy and his fabulous mustache.

everyone is wearing lederhosen and dirndl! it’s kind of like a german version of uga gameday, minus the football. just people dressed all silly, milling around drinking.

on the way home from the river, we saw a giant circle of people standing around having a dance party. people who were good dancers and amateurs alike were boogying to the middle of the circle and busting a move. everyone was clapping and cheering each other on. they all seemed to be having so much fun! just a bunch of young people dancing unselfconsciously in the square. i am pretty sure i love germany and germans and want to move here and learn to breakdance and eat sausage with them until i turn into a frumpy old frau.

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