so, while i was in munich, i had the good fortune to stumble into a free ticket to that smorgasbord of oversized food and litre beer known as oktoberfest. my boy michael got the lead in a play (get it, michael), so his lovely, lovely boyfriend alex took me as his date to the hippodrom tent.

hippo means horse in latin, according to my table-mate, and apparently, once upon a time, the hippodrom tent contained actual horses. this time, though, there were just a lot of carousel horses galloping overhead, suspended from giant wreaths on the ceiling.

people all around were dressed in the traditional dirndl (for gals) and leiderhosen (for mens). these two were especially swank.

i enjoyed the company of these fine germans,

who all had a remarkable appetite for beer.

people buy these giant cookies and walk around wearing them as necklaces all day or hang them up at home.

this band played “country roads!” people love “country roads” all over the world. it’s a sure-fire way to explain where i’m from to people who look puzzled when i say “west virginia.”

it was extremely fun. here’s me looking happy about it. the only thing that would have made it better would have been a sexy dirndl of my own.

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