somewhere between lonely nighttime strolls in amsterdam, dancing in leiderhosen in michael moore’s (childhood friend, not the filmmaker) kitchen in munchen, cooking up a storm in budapest, i think i have reached a new level of spiritual advancement. i took a train to rome just to eat my favorite pizza and gelato in the world one more time, only to find that the pizza place no longer exists. caught in the rain in trastevere, wandering around with backpack loaded up; camera wrapped up in a sweater i recently dyed pink in the wash with a cheap scarf; leather satchel loaded with books, a block of cheese, a can of sardines and a breadroll; messenger bag all full of technology. none of the couchsurf requests i sent out came back to me, so i moseyed into my old university and asked the guy at the front desk if i could crash at his place tonight. he gave me his number and said he would find me a place (awesome). now, florence and the machine’s “cosmic love” on repeat, full-blast in the earphones, heart full to bursting with excitement at all the things i have done and learned in the last few weeks. considering the possibility that i and some of the people i know might be a world-roving gang Nietzschian ubermensch. been feeling so full of life and joy and vigor lately that i literally feel high every time i sit down and try to take inventory of recent events. considering changing everything about my life, giving up on journalism, resigning myself to poverty forever and roaming the world picking up odd skills like Chicken Carcass Cleaning, Worn-Out Knee-Of-The-Pants Mending, Stock Market Divination, Non-Wobbly Furniture Making and The Non-Contrived Carrying of a Pocket Knife (seriously, them things are useful — especially the ones with the corkscrews) until i drop dead of over-indulgence.

realizing even just a fraction of this capacity to learn, achieve, adapt, connect, create, teach — it’s bowling me over anew every day.

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