after munich, i puttered into sleepy koszeg, hungary, on this charming train

to see one of my most favorite korea friends, the very badass andrew johnson.

we pushed the three beds in his dorm room together and pretty much just rolled around in a giant nest for a few days, talking about big ideas, drawing whacky doodles, making playlists of good tunes and sleeping a lot. then, it was time to go to budapest, to stay with his pal andries.

andries is a fan of dirty jokes, cooking awesome belgian stews and hearing his friends speak in a false british accent. he is a fabulous individual, and the three of us pretty much tore up budapest and had a ball.

we went to this church, outside of which a brad pitt movie was being filmed. no brad sightings were made.

it had a jazzy ceiling, like all european churches.

someone dropped the ball on cleaning up the dead flowers. god is pissed.

there’s the severed hand of some dead king in here! but the light was so dark, you couldn’t see it, so who really knows if it was the actual hand inside.

we saw a pretty cool exhibit of metal shoes by the river.

here’s hungary’s parliament. isn’t it gorgeous?

saw this guy doing capoeira with kids on margit island.

then, on the way home, beautiful golden hour light.

best week ever.

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