been in barcelona nearly a week now. i was supposed to leave on saturday, but i’m sticking around to try to vanquish all the tapas, being kept by two very generous Fellow Americans and wishing october 10 (and my flight home) would never arrive.

saw this lady cleaning windows the other day. she seemed freaked out that i wanted to take her picture.

for reasons i don’t fully understand, i wandered into mass at the cathedral, where there were no pictures allowed. it’s rare to see actual services being held in these big old historic churches, so it was kind of a treat, actually.

but the weird thing is, they make all these jazzy, gold-leafed alcoves full of beautiful statues of saints and then lock them away as if they’d done something wrong.

out in the courtyard, lovely fountains abound.

i feel like this picture pretty much wraps up my impression of spain — technicolor, oddly dressed, ever adorned with playful details.

i mean, just look at the stuff this guy gaudi built. where else in the world can you imagine this kind of art being so celebrated?

a few wrong turns led me far away from the sagrada familia, but with these big towers, it’s never too hard to find.

the place has been under construction since, like, forever (1882). from the official website:

The building is still going on and could be finished some time in the first third of the 21st century.

finished the day with some wine on a boat in the marina.

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