had some extra trips on the old eurail pass, so i decided to swing through rome between budapest and barcelona, mostly for this,

a two-euro ice cream cone from old bridge gelateria, officially the Best Ice Cream in the World.

as you can see, this nutella and stracciatella cone is Comically Large.

i used to live by this place when i was studying in rome and would come here a few times a week for a gargantuan ice cream and a winky smile from the guy who used to work behind the counter with a dollar-sign gold earring. boy, was he cute.

since i was nearby, i walked the streets of my old neighborhood and went to see the door to the flat i used to live in.

thought i’d go see in the inside of st. peter’s since i never got around to it back when the pope was my neighbor, but then i saw this queue.

so instead i stalked nuns

tried to make a photo of St. P that didn’t look like every other picture of St. P already in existence,

and walked to piazza del popolo,

where i spied on some kids i was pretty sure were looking to pickpocket someone until they felt nervous enough to skedaddle.

from there, i had to visit my favorite spot in the city, the spanish steps,

where a man who did not at all understand how to work my camera made a very earnest effort to take a nice photo of me on the steps.

after that i saw how roman people move furniture into high-up apartments with no elevators.

and wound my way through the back alleys behind piazza colonna until i reached the ponte sant’angelo on my way back to trastevere.

on the way back, a long line of motorists kept pouring from some tunnel.

made it back to piazza di santa maria in trastevere in time for lunch.

what a happy day.

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