here about two weeks ago, i went up to check out what was going on at occupy wall street.

for starters, there were free screen prints.

and just a lot of art being made in general.

everything was pretty impressively organized.

this guy was making some kind of comedy video by pretending to be from fox news.

carl dix was there recruiting people for an anti-stop-and-frisk rally in harlem.

there wasn’t so much a drum circle as a permanent drumming mob.

this area was for worshippers of all religious stripes, mostly populated by guys with feathers in their hair.

this marginal celebrity mark ruffalo was there and very upset about hydraulic fracturing.

in harlem, this lovely lady was reppin’ for the faithful at the stop and frisk rally. “god has everything to do with this!”

cornel west looked like a baller even in the hour leading up to his arrest for civil disobedience.

then a bunch of us (not me, because i was dog-sitting and had to go home to walk the pooch) linked arms in front of the police precinct in harlem for some good old non-violent civil disobedience before being carted away by the po-lice.

not too often you see a smile like this on the face of someone being arrested, huh?

this guy regaled us with a tale of the cops making him open up a sandwich from his pocket to show them there were no drugs inside. not cool.

stop “stop and frisk,” y’all.

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