well, so i submitted these images to paste a week ago today for their 1000 words blog, and i think a week is a long enough time to wait without hearing word one about the assignment before posting them to my own personal blog, don’t you?

this was probably one of the hardest shoots i have ever done, including 2009’s 12-hour day in the pouring rain at the american le mans series race in atlanta. turns out twenty-year-olds on ecstasy who have no concept of what it means to, you know, try to do work you are proud of — well, so turns out they’re an even bigger obstacle to good shooting than a torrent of water that could compromise the integrity of your whole kit. the 40 watt’s lighting guy wasn’t doing me any favors, either. still, it felt good to scrap it out for a handful of workable images, as opposed to the strolling along and shooting at a leisurely pace i was doing in europe all summer. and of montreal are a bunch of dang showmen, no matter how you feel about their music.

they played hissing fauna, are you the destroyer? from start to finish, meaning i got to hear my favorite song, “cato as a pun.”

they carved all these neato pumpkins for a killer lightshow,

and wore matching skeleton costumes.

my camera did some killer stuff with this guy’s feather costume elements. i think it looks like i photoshopped the hell out of it, but this is how it captured in-camera. cool how the feathers wound up looking almost painted in somehow.

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