headed to grayson lakes in kentucky on saturday with my new friend, ian, who teaches painting at marshall university. he also happens to be a fabulous painter himself. he’d accumulated an enormous pile of tape over the last year, so we decided to take it out and make an art project out of it.

we were going to take it swimming, but it was too coooooold.

so instead we found a variety of ways to make it look interesting while staying dry.

oops, it looks like a heart.

a broken heart, because ian threw poor teddy away at the end of the day.

goodbye, majestic tape pile.

2 thoughts on “teddy the tape pile

  1. Awwwwww I LOVE THIS!
    These are the scraps of tape from painting?
    I kept all my dried up paint from palettes for awhile. It was pretty interesting looking 🙂

    • yeah, he uses tape to block off parts of canvas as he paints. all the tape from the paintings just accumulated in the studio until it made this giant pile. i was thinking of you while we were out there the other day, the way the tape pile looks kind of like a rock or one of the pieces of organic matter you use for inspiration.

      hope you had a fabulous trip home.

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