a few months back, farm 255 hosted a wedding reception with three cakes.

one of the coolest things that most folks probably don’t know about the restaurant is that, in addition to being farm-to-table, we’re also table-to-farm. what i mean is, we feed food scraps and leftovers to the piggies instead of throwing them away. what i really mean is, we fed those pigs some wedding cake.

i have a friend at work named rick who helps take care of some of the pigs over at jake o. francis’s pork chop hill. oh man, did i want to put some of that cake icing on a pig’s nose! fortunately for me, rick is a man who likes to help other peoples’ dreams come true.

so we went to the farm with meggy’s near-feral german shepherd because, why not?

it was so neat! figaro thought he’d be true to his nature and try to herd the pigs. but they lined up in a damn pig phalanx and faced him down. i think they would have killed him if we left him alone in there.

then, we got to meet all the piggies’ daddy, Big Tenor.


big tenor was the obvious choice for icing-ing.

also obviously, he loved it.

then, he de-itched with the help of a tree…

walked a ways through his paddock, and…

he rolled around in it for a while, gleefully,

got it all glom’d up in his brillo pad hairs and took a nap.

grinning of course.

also, cool: this pig wallering.

and this pig with beet juice on his nose!

he got made into sausage, and i just had him for lunch with herby pinto beans.

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