for flagpole.

Soul, then, is no small part of what makes The Strange Boys appealing, owing to their soulful interpretations of classic American musical styles and Sambol’s heartfelt lyrics. Infused with quiet musing, even when they sound like rollicking soundtracks to nights at the pool hall, Sambol’s tunes explore such themes as why it might make him happy to hear his friends having sex in the next room (“My friends are having sex in the other room/ Being quiet as they can so as not to be rude/ I smile and fall asleep on the couch so easily/ ‘Cause they love each other, and for some reason that pleases me”) or mulling over the inescapability of the present in a number of ways on The Strange Boys’ latest release, Live Music (“live,” in this case, rhyming with “give,” not “jive).

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