at paste.

i did days one and three, too. but this was my favorite day.

The crowds arrived at day two of 2012’s Pitchfork Music Festival well rested and energetic, kicking off the day with a tangled mosh pit alongside Cleveland power-pop quartet Cloud Nothings’ tight and vigorous performance. The day was cool and the clouds rolled in early, sending plenty of folks running for shelter under trees, tents and umbrellas. Die-hard fans donned translucent ponchos or continued rocking out in the elements, and within an hour a good many people were speckled with dark brown mud.

Atlas Sound’s Bradfox Cox was unfazed. Kicking off his set as the storm tapered to a drizzle, Cox took the stage in a straw hat with his face completely smeared in white paint (or was it sunscreen?). The ghostly look was fitting for the hollow, haunting loops of tracks like “Te Amo.” Cox has come a long way since his days of bullying fellow members of Deerhunter onstage and now banters with the crowd with a casual charisma. “Don’t give her cold water; give her room temperature water,” he advised a medic assisting a woozy concertgoer. “That was a little something I learned in Boy Scouts before they kicked me out for being queer.”

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