at creative loafing charlotte.

Shiny and radio-ready, Crowfield’s recent sophomore album, The Diamond Sessions, finds the group moving from its roots-rock debut toward a more contemporary sound. Founded in 2007, the five-piece has been gaining momentum over the last few years in their hometown of Charleston, S.C., and on the road. And it seems that momentum is just what this band was looking for. Shooting squarely for the middle of the road, Crowfield makes the kind of “epic” radio rock mastered by bands like Coldplay, but with a country flair. Lead singer Tyler Mechum pens the grandiose balladry and earnest rock-outs that make up high schoolers’ playlists everywhere, and he pulls it off without making the listener feel pandered to. With lyrics like “And if you have a change of heart, I left the keys running in the car,” it’s clear Mechum studied the playbooks of successful country/alt-rock artists. High art this is not, but there’s something to be said for Crowfield’s brand of heart-on-your-sleeve accessibility. After all, they can’t all be Radiohead.

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