at creative loafing charlotte.

Fans of the Cartoon Network may recognize Unknown Hinson, not for his off-kilter psychobilly music, but for his voicing of Early Cuyler, the lead character of Squidbillies. But for those who are unfamiliar with Hinson’s mighty twang, fat-Elvis mutton chops and absurdist lyrics, his music should come as a pleasant surprise. For one thing, the man can shred. His songs, playing on classic country-western subjects from money troubles to gettiing blotto, flirt with dark themes and are sometimes simply ridiculous. “Venus Bound,” for example, finds him singing, “I’m building me a rocket ship/To go where womens don’t give no lip/I’ma blastin’ off/Baby I’m Venus bound.” Delivering his cheeky, politically incorrect ditties in ’60s country-western garb, Hinson’s onstage persona calls to mind fellow hillbilly hero Jesco White, if only the dancing outlaw hadn’t huffed quite so much gas. In the strange space where music and comedy overlap, Unknown Hinson makes songs you can dance and chuckle to at the same time.

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