at creative loafing charlotte.

Lord only knows why they call it “future rock.” But whatever name you want to slap on it, the music of New York City fivesome Outernational is pretty darn good. With the help of producer and mentor Tom Morello (who leading man Miles Solay befriended as a teenager in ’96 after breezing past SNL security into Rage Against the Machine’s dressing room), Outernational has crafted Future Rock, an EP of ebullient rock & roll infused with political messages about topics including immigration and women’s rights. In the hands of less capable artists, this could be a real drag, but Outernational’s songs are catchy, delivered with charisma and swagger, and subtle enough lyrically that they don’t feel like lectures. Now, if they could only find a better name than “future rock,” they’d be set.

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