i’m home for the thanksgiving week and spent part of this afternoon poking around my folks’ bookshelves, where i found this gem.

it’s a quick read, 100 classics reduced to haiku form. here are a few i especially like:

dante alighieri: the inferno

abandon all hope!
looks like everyone’s down here.
omigod — the pope!

Adam Smith: the wealth of nations

supply meets demand.
the invisible hand claps.
capitalist zen.

alexandre dumas: the count of monte cristo

gallant avenger.
egg-dipped cheese sandwich. thy name
is monte cristo

i thought it would be fun to write some of my own. and then i realized that all i seem to have been reading for a year is david foster wallace. so here is my infinite jest haiku.

david foster wallace: infinite jest

death by amusement.
television is just too
darn entertaining.

i wanna hear yours.

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