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It must have been heartbreaking for fans of ’80s thrash metal to watch Metallica, the titans of the genre, fade into curmudgeon-y assholes. Fortunately, those who want to hold on to pre-Mastodon metal ideals have Megadeth, whose singer, David Mustaine, was even briefly a member of Metallica. As the band’s contemporaries changed with the times, Megadeth stayed virtually the same. Mustaine, a veritable caricature of himself as an aging rocker with a bad-boy pout, is still surfing the nostalgia wave more than 25 years after the band’s ’86 breakout record, Peace Sells.Peace Sells was a scathing condemnation of Reagan-era politics back in the day, but it seems like Mustaine has gone off the deep end with his recent comments stating President Obama was behind the deadly shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin earlier this year. Though if you’re still pissed about the Star Wars missile defense program and trickle-down economics, moshing to Mustaine as he swishes his strawberry blond locks may be just what the doctor ordered.

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