for creative loafing.


No one would blame you if you were sick of “Gangnam Style” by now. But even if the mere sight of someone horsey dancing at the club makes you want to scratch your eyes out, you should think twice before passing up a chance to see PSY live. For one thing, the dude is a consummate professional and bona fide badass by Korean standards, what with his shirked military service and legal run-ins over pot use. His stage show is the kind of dancer-encrusted spectacle that’s as ridiculous as it is irresistible. The point is, he’s fun. That’s it. That pudgy, middle-aged dude in the shades onstage knows as well as you and I how unlikely his U.S. success was, and it gives his whole persona an edge of urgency and joy that’s undeniable. No cynics, crossed arms or irony allowed. This one’s for the folks who just wanna have a good time.

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