for creative loafing.


Here is a list of people who Sensual Harassment is not for: dudes who stand around at shows with their arms crossed, grumps, the chronically serious folks who feel uncomfortable dancing and/or anyone who generally hates fun. Everyone else, they are most decidedly for. With infectious new wave- and disco-inspired electro-pop, the duo has won fans in everyone from Pitchfork to Hugo Boss. And that comes as no surprise, once you hear the music. It’s well-nigh impossible not to dance, or at least be cheered, by their gleaming little numbers. Sensual Harassment has harnessed something of the same mysterious energy that made the Drive soundtrack so popular; only, rather than exploring the dark, moody side of synth-driven music, they’ve opted to play with iterations that make you want to throw yourself into a crowd of strangers and sweat. Uncross those arms and join the party.

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